MARCH 2012

Following on from discoveries made during the armpice I began a series of carved acrylic pieces using various shaped cutting tools and building up layers of acrylic, the first two pics are of a double sided piece incorporating magnified elements, the other is a layered piece using thinner sheet. New works like these are underway and will be availiable soon

I am now back in China after 6 months in Australia .
These first 2 pictures are previews of works which were almost completed proir to leaving for Australia last year. The promachus macto above,is a large metal and resin piece incorporating 4 positional magnifying glasses into its metal exoskeleton,The next, on the right, as yet untitled piece, is another metal resin piece, built around a number of blown and carved acrylic forms, it can be wall mounted or freestanding and has positional stainless steel arms, one with a syringe and the other with a magnifying glass. It will eventually contain coloured liquid and tubes .

Whilst in Australia the Xray armpiece, left, was created for "The final frontier" a group show of contempory jewellery inspired by science fiction films.Unfortunatly I neglected to take any decent photoes of the piece worn and in operation before leaving it behind, , A concave acrylic lense was created to give the illusion of a much skinnier arm and a few layers of different types of acrylic,including a carved layer to create the bone shapes,and a black tinted piece. When closed around the arm a magnetic switch lit up LEDs to complete the Xray effect.